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Irrigation Craft pump stations are used on projects requiring the movement of relatively clear water, 33o - 120o F.  (0o - 48o C.).

bullet Irrigation Systems for Commercial Developments
bullet Re-use water systems for irrigation
bullet Potable (drinking) water delivery and pressure boosters to facilities & tall buildings
bullet Water Transfer & Control
bullet Water Features such as fountains and waterfalls
bullet Swimming Pools, including automatic backwashing filters
bulletPlant Nurseries, including automatic backwashing filters

Irrigation Craft UL Listed Controls are used to:

bulletRefurbish old pump station control systems.
bulletTo stop or reduce PVC mainline and fitting failures, where the existing pump station controls are found to be harmful to the PVC Mainlines and Fittings (A  Common Situation).
bulletTo work in conjunction with central control systems such as Rain Bird Maxicom  or Motorola Irrinet.
bullet Level controls for tanks, ponds, and lakes.
bulletWater movement and storage.




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