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    Irrigation Craft was founded in January 1986 by Richard and Linda Neff.  The company was called Ornamental Turf Irrigation for about 1 year before changing the name to Irrigation Craft.  Irrigation Craft was incorporated in August, 1988.

    For the first two years, from 1986 - 1988 Irrigation Craft focused on providing specialized services to developers, irrigation contractors, and home owner associations.  Irrigation Craft surveyed and mapped large systems for analyses of difficult problems such as mainline failures, pump and control failures, pressure surge problems, and wiring problems.  Irrigation Craft had the good fortune of being brought onto the worst possible projects (some going to lawsuits).  We were able to analyze and learn from the mistakes of others.

    In 1989 Irrigation Craft decided to enter the pump station manufacturing business.  This decision was the result of seeing that not only were the available stations lacking in good design, but our experiences with the manufacturers led us to believe that the problems were not going to be corrected.

Design Viewpoint

Our design approach is simple.

Design for a 20-30 year life span.  Design the equipment and select the materials so that the equipment skid and components can last for 20 - 30 years while repairs will be few, repairs will be simple, repairs will be as inexpensive as possible, and the repairs can be made by any competent person.  Some of the materials used to achieve these goals are: aluminum skids (versus painted steel skids), hot dip galvanized steel pipe manifolds (versus welded painted steel), NEMA 4X fiberglass electrical enclosures (versus painted steel), TEFC motors (versus ODP motors), circuit breakers (versus fuses), and much more.

Make all equipment safe (especially to service technicians) and easy to work on.  Safe and easy to use or service are all one package.  Some features of Irrigation Craft equipment arising from concern for safety are: All sensors are low voltage, all door mounted components are low voltage, all control panels and irrigation controllers are installed on angled pedestals for ease of use and service (technicians do not have to kneel or lay down on wet ground to service, access, or repair).

Eliminate adjustments, make all adjustments easy and safe, make all adjustments non-critical.  Irrigation Craft realizes that one enemy of long term reliability is too many adjustments, adjustments that are super critical, adjustments that are not stable over a period of years.  Irrigation Craft has therefore eliminated as many adjustments, provided adjustments set at the factory once for the life of the equipment (this requires durable and stable sensors), and provided field adjustments that are easy, safe, and do not require high accuracy.  Components never used by Irrigation Craft because of adjustment or reliability issues are phase & voltage monitors, flow indicating stems in control valves,

Use components easily obtained from sources other than Irrigation Craft as much as possible.  Never remove component tags, cover up decals with other decals, or in any way make it hard for a customer to purchase equipment from another source.  This policy motivates Irrigation Craft to maintain competitive pricing and our dealers excellent service and pricing.  When the customer requests information always provide that information at little or no cost.  Irrigation Craft requires no maintenance contract or long term relationship to provide service or information.

Allow the customer to have options in their maintenance choices.   Irrigation Craft will support the owner regardless of whether or not they choose an Irrigation Craft dealer to maintain the equipment, they wish to maintain the equipment themselves, or they may have some other company unknown to Irrigation Craft maintain or repair the equipment.  Irrigation Craft will never attempt to trap or ensnare the customer.  Any parts required by the customer's vendors will be sold at a reasonable cost immediately.  Irrigation Craft has and will continue to sell materials at a reasonable cost even to competitors, when they require them.

Provide a "city water" supply type pump station.  This concept simply states that the pump station will be kept running if at all possible (just like city water supplies) unless either serious consequences would result, or the customer prefers under specific situations to have the station shut down (low pressure, high flow, etc.).  To achieve this Irrigation Craft provides non-overloading pumps (immune to high flow, low pressure, low voltage, unbalanced voltage, etc), Auto-Restart features, cooling fans, circuit breakers, etc.  Each of these features was added  to increase reliability and longer length of life, especially to motors.

Irrigation Craft will not participate in nor will we at any time engineer product to win the "Spec Wars".  So called "Spec Wars" involve manufacturers focusing on engineering product that gives them the ability to claim advantages over competitors.  This sounds plausible, many do it, and many see nothing wrong with it.  But in fact this is a very low and poor motivation for engineering.  Irrigation Craft has a different motive for engineering.  Read further to learn more.

    The first motive in any engineering is to determine the goal.  Our goal is simple and yet requires very hard work over a period of years.  We desire to build a product  that will reliably serve the customer over long periods of time with as little cost as possible.  The best example of how this is done is to show how specific engineering decisions were arrived at.  Follow this link to see the exact engineering process used to arrive at a decision on Irrigation Craft products.

 What We Do

Irrigation Craft manufactures pump stations and controls.  What kinds of pump stations and controls?


         Irrigation Systems for Commercial large & small, Parks, Roadways, Plant Nurseries, Agriculture, Polo Fields, Horse Tracks, Athletic Fields, Hotels & Mega-Resorts.

         Pressure boosters for both potable water and re-use water supplying any irrigation system.

         Pressure boost for potable water to tall buildings.

         Water Transfer.

         Water Features such as fountains, waterfalls, and special effects.

         Swimming Pools including all controls and automatic back-washing filter systems.


         Level controls for tanks, ponds and lakes.

         Central Control systems for irrigation and site lighting systems.  Rain Bird MaxiCom & Motorola Irrinet systems are used to design and build to your requirements radio and telephone based system.


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